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Easy Chocolate Granola

My husband loves this amazingly simple and tasty granola so it has become a firm favourite in our pantry.


Choco-nola ©

Star Ingredient :Oatmeal

Oatmeal has a specific type of fibre called beta-glucan and there are many studies to show that by eating just 3g a day ( found in one bowl of oatmeal) can significantly lower cholesterol. Oats may support heart health as they contain the mineral magnesium, helping to keep blood vessels relaxed. Oats can also help with stabilising blood sugar levels so they are a great way to start the day and prevent those mid-morning hunger pangs. Adding some protein in the form of nuts, seeds, plant milk and also healthy fats will help keep you fuller for longer too.


300g Flahavans Organic Oatmeal

200g roasted buckwheat

100g semi dried Williams pears cut into slivers/diced or whatever dried fruit you have, apricots, prunes, dates

4 tablespoons raw cacao powder

30 g chia seeds

125g hazelnuts or pecans, almonds or your favourite nuts

4 tablespoons of maple syrup or preferred sweetener

60ml melted  coconut oil.

Warm the coconut oil and syrup.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl until well combined.

Pour the warm syrup and oil mixture over until everything is well coated, I find a spatula does the trick better than a spoon.

Dehydrator "cooking":

Line 3 dehydrator trays with baking parchment /silicone and divide the mixture between them.

“Cook” at 41 degrees for about 3 hours, depending on the humidity might need a bit longer.

Oven cooking

Divide the mixture on lined cookie sheets and cook in the oven on the lowest temp available and check after 10 minutes. It won't take long and keep an eye on the nuts so they don't burn.

Makes about 800g.

You can really make this your own and top with seasonal fruits, stewed apple, almond milk, coconut yoghurt.

Kids, big and small, will love this as by adding milk you end up with a delicious, drink from the bowl chocolate milk!!


In good health ,

Trish x


Recipe is inspired by and adapted from Anna Jones " A Modern Way to Cook"

Mateljan, G. (2007). The World's Healthiest Foods. New York: GMF Pub.

El Khoury, D., Cuda, C., Luhovyy, B.L. and Anderson, G.H., 2011. Beta glucan: health benefits in obesity and metabolic syndrome. Journal of nutrition and metabolism, 2012.

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