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About Patricia

Having survived childhood living on toast and chocolate, just kidding, I ended up studying for a degree in Hotel and Catering Management. 
I ate very well during those four years, mostly classical French Cuisine and my weight crept up, but not for long. I didn't end up in the hotel business but took a job in the airline industry where I found myself living in Saudi Arabia and flying long haul for the national airline. During this period I contracted Gastroenteritis five times and was hospitalised on one occasion. Subsequently I was diagnosed with Post Infectious IBS and my interest in wellness was initiated.

Several career moves later found me as the sole Flight Attendant on a busy private jet, House Manager for a private household in Belgravia, London and Crew Chef on a private yacht cooking nutritiously balanced meals three times a day for a diverse bunch of hardworking crew.


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Eventually I found myself formalising and integrating my love and understanding of food with the science behind it and completed a three year diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol. My studies included Biochemistry, Anatomy, Pathology, and Pathophysiology, and I gained over 200 clinical hours in the student clinic. I continue my professional development by attending educational workshops, seminars and supervision. 


Food should taste good, but it should also nurture your body. Since 2018, Anam Cara Nutrition has been providing clients with a variety of weight management and nutrition services that help improve their long term dietary habits. With a creative, intuitive and responsible approach to healthy eating, as well as an extensive range of industry experience, I help clients achieve all their nutrition goals — the healthy way. 
I am a realist. Life gets in the way and sometimes we need an extra helping hand or an ally to get us back on track.

Specialising in 


Wellbeing and Anti-Ageing

Stress and Anxiety

Increasing Energy Levels

Hormonal Imbalances

Disease Prevention and Health Optimisation

Meal Planning/Healthy Cooking

Kitchen Management

In October 2020 I underwent further training at the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin, achieving certification in  the Health and Wellness Coaching Certification. 

In January 2021 I was certified in practitioner training for  functional hormone testing known as the DUTCH test, the Dried Urinary Total Comprehensive Hormone Test. Suitable for both males and females to help gain an understanding of and monitor hormonal issues such as PCOS, infertility, reproductive concerns and peri-menopause.
Also in 2021 I graduated as a yoga teacher with 200 hour YTT.  I am adding Breath-work Certification and continually upgrading my skillset for my personal growth and development. 
And so, my journey continues to support you on yours. 


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