In Celtic tradition an Anam Cara is a Soul Friend. Someone who knows your innermost secrets and is your teacher, companion and guide. My vision is to inspire and educate you to optimal health and wellbeing and be the best version of you that you can be. 

Meet Patricia


I love food, now. It wasn't always that way. Growing up I was a challenge for my parents as I was such a picky eater. So much so that I remember my mum taking me to see our family doctor who told my mum that if she was worried to give me some chocolate!! Hopefully that wouldn't happen now but it is interesting to note how food can shape who we are and our attitudes to it. Food is much more than calories, it is information for our mind and body, can alter our DNA, change our mood and ultimately make us who we are. My appetite has improved and I still love chocolate, occasionally. 

So, allow me, as your Anam Cara,  to guide you on your food journey.

The main force behind ANAM CARA NUTRITION  is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, hormone balancing, or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives.

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Medical form with stethoscope

Nutritional Therapy is not a  'one -size fits all' approach to health and wellbeing and it will not work overnight. It takes time, commitment and motivation from both you and me, working together for your best outcome.

Our initial consultation will involve taking a detailed medical history, analysis of  your present health, establishing  your goals with you and deciding with you on a personalised diet and lifestyle plan which will suit you and your lifestyle.



Anam Cara Nutrition is passionate about helping others, and gives each client the opportunity to take control over their food and health habits. As a professional Nutritionist, every day is a new chance to guide individuals towards a healthier life. What clients say is incredibly important to Anam Cara Nutrition, since new clients come through word of mouth. To get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had, take a look at the testimonials below.


“ I’ve been meeting regularly with Patricia for almost 5 months. 

From the first time I met Patricia at a Christmas Fayre I felt I needed to meet this bubbly and enthusiastic lady to explore how I could achieve a healthier way of  living. 

From my very first session with her I felt very comfortable sharing my life experiences and my numerous medical conditions some of which I have suffered from for many years. 

Patricia went to great lengths to answer my questions and committed to supporting me in helping me achieve my goals in achieving a healthier lifestyle. 

Patricia was open and honest with me explaining that there would be no overnight quick fix but with drive and determination and commitment many things were possible.  I’m thrilled to say that this has proved to be the case. 

Our partnership continues. There are times when I struggle but Patricia is always readily available with sincere support and encouraging words. 

I look forward to our sessions with the confidence that we can openly discuss obstacles and successes with the same shared desire to achieve success and a fabulous healthy lifestyle.”

August 2019

"Absolutely fabulous session today with Trisha! Anyone curious about nutrition or interested in being a healthy version of yourself you definitely need to visit Anam Cara Nutrition.
Cannot recommend this lovely lady enough. It’s such a blessing to find someone who not only is well educated on the matter and beyond factual but who also genuinely loves what she does and what she can offer others! Roll on 5 weeks 😘

October 2018

I would 100% recommend Anam Cara Nutrition. I had my first appointment 3 weeks ago as I was feeling low and I had no energy, I could also not shift the weight that had crept up and up since I reached 40. I wasn't feeling very optimistic but I knew I had to try something as I could as I could feel my life was starting to spiral downwards, Trish was recommended by my friend.
The change in me within a week of seeing Trish was amazing, and this has just got better and better. I have energy again, I'm happier and I'm even losing weight!
Trish is so professional yet has a warm personality it is very obviously that she really does care, she genuinely wants to help you improve your diet and therefore your life. I am so glad I made that appointment and I would urge anyone considering making one themselves to do it... You won't regret it for a minute. September 2019


"My consultation surpassed my expectation of what I thought I would receive from Anam Cara Nutrition. The first session was thorough, eye opening and emotional and Patricia's  manner throughout was professional and thoughtful. She gave out an aura of confidence and caring and I felt safe in the environment. She assessed my nutritional and lifestyle needs and recommended steps that I could take to improve my physical and mental wellbeing. I highly recommend Anam Cara Nutrition and implore anyone that wishes to improve their well being to book an appointment immediately. "

"Patricia is so helpful, friendly, caring

and knowledgable. After just 2 sessions her advice has really changed my life for the better! She has given me great advice and is always happy to answer any questions, even outside of our sessions. She really is amazing and I can’t recommend her enough!" 

March 2019