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Y Galon, an croí, el corazón, le coeur, il cuore. The heart is amazing...

Updated: Jan 27

Did you know that it starts to beat within weeks of conception and continues, on and on until it's time to for us to depart?

The only rest it gets is the fraction of a second between each beat of which there are about 115,000 per day.

Whales have the largest hearts of any mammal and the fairy fly has the smallest.

Our heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood each day.

It's location in the body should give a clue to its importance, protected and surrounded by the rib cage, a veritable fortress. But , the heart is so much more than a mechanical pump, working with all body systems to keep us in balance and alive.

In traditional Chinese medicine the heart is regarded and revered as the keeper of the spirit. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart, rather than the brain, was the source of human wisdom, as well as emotions, memory, the soul and the personality itself. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine the heart is a critically important energetic hub in the body, where many physical and energetic pathways intersect.

Nourishing the heart on a physical level we all know means eating wholesome food, staying hydrated, exercising enough, not smoking and not drinking alcohol to excess.

Nourishing the heart on an energetic and holistic level is just as important. We are all more than our physical bodies. We all have Chakras, serving as points of interconnection or integration for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

These seven Chakras are the major ones and correspond to distinct areas of the body regulating their key functions.

Quantum physics, of which I am no expert, has provided us at least with some evidence that we are all energetic beings with a human energy field. If any of the chakras get overwhelmed then they may be out of balance causing energy blockages which will manifest as physical concerns, so in the heart chakra this may well be heart disease. If any of the chakras get blocked then the energy cannot flow upwards meaning that stagnation will occur and the chakra above or below may be affected too.

" The Chakras work in a domino like fashion. They are interconnected to each other, and as a result a change in one chakra commonly influences the others." Deanna M. Minnich

So, as we are made of energy, it follows that plants and animals are made of energy and vibrations with food particles having their own specific vibrations too.

You know how sluggish and tired you feel after eating junk food compared to eating healthy foods to nourish your body?

It's all to do with energy and transferring the positive vibes into our chakras.

Sugar, for example, gives us a high for a short time, then there is the crash, the low, and many people experience a brain fog. Over time this will lead to inflammation in the body and chronic disease. The physical heart may well end up with its life giving arteries narrow and hardened, leading to clots or an aneurysm in the brain, leading to stroke or death.

Chakras have their own colours with the heart being represented by the beautiful green and rose pink. So it is no surprise then that green vegetables are so closely connected to the heart chakra. Chlorophyll, a pigment in all plants is the equivalent in plants to our blood. It is an amazing phytochemical which transforms light from the sun into energy for the plant, in a process known as photosynthesis. Nourishing the heart and the heart chakra then we need to be consuming foods high in chlorophyll such as spirulina, chlorella, green vegetables especially cruciferous (kale, broccoli, rocket, Brussels sprouts, cabbage). But all green foods including apples, peppers, avocado ( with its heart loving vitamin E), cucumber, courgettes to name a few really should play a starring role in your everyday meals.

The heart chakra is the seat of unconditional love, of oneself and of others. When in balance it exudes compassion, acceptance and love. Of course, I can't leave without mentioning the beautiful crystals associated with the heart chakra. One of my favourites is of course Rose Quartz Crystal, the stone of the heart, which when worn as a piece of jewellery, carried as a palm stone , or placed under the pillow or by the bed gently allows the unconditional love to flow, radiating out love and compassion.

So in this month of February, National Heart Month, show yourself some love.

"My heart is balanced in giving and receiving love"

Thank you for reading,

In good heart health,

Trish xx

Written by Patricia Alexander-Bird, Dip NT, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Qualified Yoga Teacher, BSc

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